The Search Committee

We can't wait to welcome our new priest!

The Search Committee meets bi-weekly to discuss the search process. We welcome questions and concerns (and prayers!). Look for regular updates in the i-Announcements and on this page.


The Search Committee met on Sunday, September 26 with Father Greg Millikin of Grace, New Lenox to begin our work. The process will be two-fold: 1) Self-Assessment and 2) Discernment. Father Millikin has prepared the Search Committee that this process can take up to a year. We will begin the search process with a CAT Survey and Small Group meetings. These will be led by Charles Clayton and McAllister Cox, respectively. After that process is completed, we will develop a mini-profile of Holy Family.


While we understand that all members feel like we have been in a state of transition more often than ever before, we were grateful to hear from Father Millikin that churches can now expect a 5-7 year commitment from a priest before they move on. However, as a "family," we will use our findings from that CAT survey and the Small Group meetings to figure out our needs and what we want for our future.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to a member of the Search Committee. This is a long process, but we want for all of us to get through it stronger and better able to welcome our future priest. 

Thank you,

Your Search Committee

Charles Clayton

McAllister Cox

Patricia Guthrie

Emmanuel Imoukhuede

Melissa Jacobsen (Chair)

Caroline Lippert